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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

We are young and expanding company that have operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and USA. DAP Dynamic Asia Power Pte Ltd is our regional quarter handling and developing sales in Asia.We have a very strict control on our product listing and we are responsible for the warranty and after sale service. We also targeting to provide an affordable price level for Eco-friendly and Organic products than what people used to think. Reducing usage of disposable and unhealthy chemical products, we can save more money and make a better future!

Our Mission.

Our mission is to become the leading brands of Eco-friendly and Organic products or services in Asia.We also target to create an on-line platform to help ASEAN sellers to introduce and sell their Eco-friendly and natural products to the world.

What we Do.

Have you ever noticed that the weather is getting hotter and hotter? Climate over the world is changing and it is never too late to consider to become eco-friendly and start helping the Earth. We are a company that focus on Eco-Friendly products and natural products that can make your life healthier and better.